Back to reality
September 20, 2017

So unfortunately after my lovely time of freedom, I eventually have to begin a new chapter of my life; college, i have to do the same routine everyday for two years, get up at approximately 6:30, and if you know me, you know that i'm definitely not a morning person, so this is a challenge for me, i get up eventually after pressing snooze on my alarm for the 10th time and initially leaving myself in a mad rush as per, sometimes i've even got to miss breakfast, although sometimes i don't tend to enjoy breakfast that much, it's a lot of effort for the morning and i'm honestly terrible at making breakfast, the last time i tried to make breakfast for myself was when i attempted to make fried eggs and it ended up looking like an omelette; didn't taste the best either.
Anyways i eventually do my basic everyday makeup and straighten my hair, and choose an outfit that matches best with either the freezing, rainy or sunny weather, once i've done all that its finally time for me to leave and rush to college, my goal at the end of my education is to become a teacher, my main purpose is that i want to help people so if this doesn't work out i would like to become a therapist, i do genuinely think i live in a bubble sometimes, my friend also agrees with this too;), but hey at the end of the day i still wanna be Hannah Montana so at least my goals are realistic i guess.