I was the girl in high school screaming, "I can't wait until this is over and I'm grown!" as she walked onto campus. I was OVER my peers and their childish antics. I was ready to get a job, start my business, and move out. I've learned so many things as Ive began to transition into adulthood, and have decided to share them with you!

1. You're like... really responsible for yourself, now.

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And it really isn't as bad as you think unless you're normally irresponsible with crucial things such a bills and time management.

2. Adults can be immature too!

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3. You gotta take advice with a grain of salt.

People ruin their lives trying to please everyone else. PLEASE YOURSELF.

4. If you're anything like me, coffee is your bff

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You wake up early in the morning, come home and go straight to bed. Sometimes you don't sleep at all. Sometimes you wake up and still feel tired. It's always a frickin' gamble. And that, my dear, is why you probably need coffee in your life.

5. You might have a small group of friends, if that.

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A lot of people might be on a different wave. Some may even be less serious about their life than you are, so you tend to choose your friends wisely. You choose people you can draw inspiration and motivation from.

6. You've gotta save your dough for rainy days.

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Don't overspend. Eat out less. Put your money away for tough times. You never know when you might need it!