Fall Lookbook 🍂

By Probablyancientbeauty

"Pumpkin spice and everything nice"

Since I've done a Spring lookbook, I've decided I'd do a fall one for all of youse who are currently in fall.

Sweater Weather

Who doesn't love to wear a sweater once in a while? I know I definitely love to wear sweaters in fall. I love to wear a white/grey sweater with blue denim jeans. Pairing this look with braids and ankle boots give it the extra look.
Though if you have an orange sweater or a black one feel free to wear white jeans and if you're extra glamorous and want to wear knee length boots go for it!

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Other optional Ideas:

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A cute necklace would go really well with the look and especially a nice bangle. Though I wouldn't recommend going over the top with this look as it's a relaxed look.

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Denim Fever

You can't go wrong with denim! If you love denim anything then this look is for you. Wear a nice plain grey or white top and pair it with a denim jacket. Wear black jeans (ripped) so it doesn't blend in with the blue denim jacket. Wear your hair either down or half up, half down and to finish this look wear adidas superstars or some plain white shoes.

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I would definitely wear bracelets with this look that's all as you want the attention mainly on your outfit rather than bling.

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Street Girl

You could either consider this next look gangster or streety. This is another really cute look that I like to wear and what's even better is that this is what I'm wearing for my hip hop performance!
First off wear a cropped black top, preferably tight. Also wear a black pair of jeans...
I would wear my hair down and curled to help make the look pop. I would also wearing adidas superstars to make it more street. Last but not least top it off with a flannel shirt and tie it around your waist!

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As your look is pretty streety wear a couple of rings and maybe a bracelet.

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Pastel and Cute

This may seem like a spring look but let's also consider it as fall.
Wear a cute cropped pastel top (preferably pink) and match it with a pair of white denim shorts. With the hair you could wear it down or up in a messy bun. For the shoes white converse (low cute) or just any white shoes like the cheap white canvas shoes from Kmart! To finish off the look wear a cute cardigan!

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Rings, bracelets, necklaces go for it!

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