Hey guys what's up,
Recently I've been thinking a lot about black Friday (lmao), with it being just next month i decided to make a wishlist of what i'd want to have by the end of the shopping trip. Considering that'd be a long list I'm going to split it up... so here are some shoes i really want

1: White Air max 90

air max 90
i've really been wanting this for a while tbh and i just think they're really cute

2: Slides !!

fashion nike
i want those furry slide and nike ones :(

3: Checkered Vans

checker Superthumb
if you guys hadn't notice yet im extremely basic

4: Huaraches

black black
ive had huaraches before but now they look crusty so i want another pair lmao , idk if black or white tho

5: Air force 1

air force grunge
i kinda want these but the air max are calling my name more

Thanks for reading my first ever article and hopefully you got some inspiration out of this :)