This is my first article and I had no idea what to write about. So I decided to do-10 my favorite movies.

1 Twilight saga

It's my favorite movie and I love all it's series from the moment I saw it first time. And that was very long time ago. And I still like it.

twilight, bella, and edward image

2 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

It's a very old movie, but i still really like it. First and second parts.

Angelina Jolie, lara croft, and gun image

3 Divergent series

First part I liked the most. It was very good movie and I really liked it. Second and third parts were not so interesting, but good too.

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4 Hunger games

I think it is like a Divergent. Maybe because there is an action and romance in both of them. And it's my favorite genres. And that's because both and Hunger games, and Divergent are in my top 10.

hunger games, fire, and the hunger games image

5 American Ultra

I decided to watch this movie only because there was staring Kristen Stewart.And she is my favorite acterss. From then I saw this movie maybe 10 times at least.

american ultra and movie image

6 Suiside Squad

I have no words for this movie. I just can watch it all day long.

suicide squad and harley quinn image

7 Love, Rosie

It was very romantic movie. And it was very interesting for me to watch.

love rosie, lily collins, and sam claflin image

8 The Edge Of Seventeen

Only thing I can tell about this movie is - I love it.

the edge of seventeen and hailee steinfeld image

9 Me Before You

It's very romantic story. And then I saw it first time I even started crying.

me before you, sam claflin, and emilia clarke image

10 Wonder Women

It's maybe stupid, but I really like that kind of fantasy.

cartoon, peace, and superheroes image

And this is my top 10 movies. Thanks for reading and hearting. I hope you liked it. You can always write me and suggest what I shoud write about next time.
Bye for now