For me it is the best time of the year. this is when I can make my dreams come true, When I get lost on adventures, meet new people and make memories that I'll never forget.

Summer activities:

  • Surfing / Swimming

Go swimming or surfing, this is one of the best summer activities, if you can't swim you can just go watch the waves or sit on the beach.

beach beach blue beach summer adventure
Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed hair, endless summer, take me there
  • Stargazing

This is probably the best thing ever, you just sit there and watch the sky as it lights up slowly with thousands of stars, as you just zone out, forget all of your problems and breathe in the summer air.

boy couple city car
every summer has it's own story
  • Bonfires

Make bonfires with your friends, on the beach, in a forest or even the backyard of your house, this is a moment you share with your loved ones and trust me it's magical.

beach beach Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review beautiful
  • Concerts

To be a part of something, to smile and create smiles, to sing at the top of your lungs, to ache in beautiful ways, to forget and to live...

concert concert summer coachella
  • Car rides

I could drive around all night with someone, listening to music, talking about life and be perfectly satisfied with my night

car car car car
  • Road trips

Buy an old bus, replace seats with beds and pillows, and road trip your country with amazing people

adventure car car Superthumb
do what sets your soul on fire
  • City Watching

Happiness is to have a quiet spot in the city from which you can watch the view

city city city alone
  • Amusement parks

Take a lot of good friends with you and go at an amusement park, this will bring some adrenaline and it feels so good

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everything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing

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