Day 2. Make a list of the things that you are grateful for.

Hi! Welcome back :) Today I will write about things I am grateful for and trust me, there are too many things to count, but I will write the most important ones here.

  • My family and friends. I think it is pretty obvious, but it is definitely worth mentioning. I can't imagine what my life would be without those people. I am blessed with loving parents, protective sister and so many other colorful people. I will do anything to protect my loved ones and I will never stop being thankful for having them. I am grateful to be surrounded with people, who actually care about me.
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  • Tv shows. My life would be so, so different without tv shows. I am obsessed with the fictional characters and with the whole imaginary world that it sometimes even makes it hard for me love my own life. These shows and characters have shaped me, changed my perspective of life and most of all- inspired me. I wouldn't be as brave and unique as I am now, without tv shows, so I am grateful to have this kind of luxury in my life.
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  • Books. Specially greek mythology. We all need time to time an escape from reality. I am sure, many of you are reading books to leave our own boring lives for few hours and just enjoy living in fantasy world. At least this is one of the reasons I read books. Since I am more an art person, I find beauty everywhere I look. I see the trees and I want to write, I see books and I must see the words inside. I love how author's have this kind of echo in the books. You read the words, getting closer with the characters and somehow you manage to get the idea of the author. I can't really explain it, but all I want to say is that, I am grateful to be able to escape from reality.
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  • Able to see the beauty around me. This is kind of weird thing to be grateful for, but I truly am. I have friends, who live in their everyday grey life, thinking the world is colorless, but they are wrong. Life is like a rainbow, you just have to be smart enough to see it. I love to walk home by the longer path, just so I could breathe in the sweet air, admire the forest, feel the cold wind against my body, hear the waves crashing into the shore. I love it all and I wish more people would.
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  • Art. I am not going to write anything long here, because I think we all know that life wouldn't be worth living without dancing, drawing, writing, singing, painting etc. So all I am gonna say is: Earth without art would be just eh. (I found this quote from the internet.)
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  • Animals. I love those fluffy creatures so much, don't you dare to say you don't like animals. They literally are worth so much more than humans (this is my opinion). They are innocent and deserve to be happy.
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  • And finally my body. I know there are so many people in this world that hate themselves because of their body and think their looks is what defines them. Quick message to those people: You are amazing, don't let anyone bring you down. Moving on with the topic, I am proud to say that I like my body. I used to hate how short I was and that I didn't have flat stomach, but as the years went by I started to realize, the best thing I can do is to accept it. People made jokes about my height and I joined with them. I found more and more positive things about being short. I am still sometimes embarrassed how small I am, but you just have to be over it. So, I am grateful for reaching self love level and finally thinking my body is beautiful.
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With this, I am going to end Day 2 challenge :) Hope to see you tomorrow!