I`ve just managed to go thru three days of throwing up two times every hour, the sexual harassment I went thru this summer is moving forward by the police and I have developed an eating disorder. What have you been up to? But most important why the hell haven't you contacted me?

Last Friday I waited for a text of you wondering if I came home safely riding my bike at 01.23, but it never came. Yesterday I waited for you to text me wondering how I`m doing while laying on the bathroom floor almost naked because of the sweat-attacks and throwing up caused by my awful flu. Today, I will not be waiting.
Therefore I think it´s for the best that we stay as friends. That way you don´t have to feel pressure to contact me or care. But you don´t anyway so don´t you worry you will not even notice a difference.

But then again not even my friends freeze contact over x amount of days, so I guess that leaves us as nothing.

xoxo S