Hello! This is my first article on here! I wasn't sure what to do for my first article, so I was thinking about writing about the music I listen to. I know it seems like everyone is doing these, but like I said, I wasn't sure what to do so enjoy!

1. Slow hands (Niall Horan)

niall horan, slow hands, and one direction image
( This has been my favorite sense it came out!!! But it seems like everyone has this song in their playlists lol)

2. When the day met the night (P!anic at the disco)

panic! at the disco, pretty odd, and P!ATD image
(this song is such a beautiful song, I've recently just discovered it. So ive been listening to it a lot. P.s I love P!ATD!)

3. Shake it out, Dog Days Are Over, and Cosmic love ( Florence plus the machine)

florence welch image
( OKAY SO I LOVE HER. Lol, she has such an amazing voice and she has such beautiful songs, I had to put more then 1 song because these are so good.)

4. Pumped up kicks (Foster the people)

foster the people, music, and torches image
( This song is just so great, I love it)

5. Once upon a dream (Lana del rey)

lana del rey image
( So,ive recently started listening to this and OMG I'm obsessed, I think the song is just so laid back and beautiful)

6. electric feel ( MGMT)

MGMT, electric feel, and electric image
( I really recommend listening to this, it has a really cool vibe to it)

7. Tear in my heart ( Twenty one pilots)

song, twenty one pilots, and top image
( Okay so who doesn't love twenty one pilots??? This is my top favorite song of them. So I had to put it in here.)

8. Literally the whole Harry styles album

Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image
( So its safe to say that I love the whole album and I'm currently obsessing over harry styles, I'm in love with all of his songs at the moment, so I recommend listening to his album.)