you better know guys,Girls' Generation lost 3 members,yes,that's righ,3 fucking members,Seohyun,Sooyoung,tiffany,but how it's happenedd?
it's simple young boy\girl,SNSD had a contract for during 10 years,in this year,SNSD made 10 years,so the girls need to made a new contract,but these 3 members don't did this,the rumors are,the company SM Entertainment was did,they cut the girls from music shows and festivals,etc,Sooyoung are a very talented girl,she's cannot do high notes,but she vocal it's beautiful and soft,but the company never gives attention to her,SM Entertaint losing talent again,Seohyun are the same thing,the difference between her and Sooyoung is clear,Sooyoung always go to another country,always made novels and movies,always made comercials,Seohyun never go to another countries,SM don't give her a promotion or interview about your new novel,(Good thief,Bad thief),the promotion of your solo was ridiculous,SM don't knew admnistrate her album and main son,Tiffany will comeback to America's,good luck there girl and don't forget,never gonna look back girls ;).

Kisses and hugs :33