Sure we all want to wear that special dress for that special someone or show off that new expensive handbag we just bought, but those two won’t be remembered as much as how we smelled like. just ask yourselves how many times do you remember someone's dress or what they wore, chances are low, but surely you'd remember what they smelled like. Perfume isn't only a fragrance, but a memory and a message in a bottle. So how are you going to take care of this special bottle, and even more importantly, how do you pick the right fragrance for you?

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Like I said earlier, your looks aren't going to be remembered as much as your smell, so perhaps spending your time and dedicating it to choosing the right fragrance for you isn't a bad idea, this is if you want to stand out or be remembered. Now, here's the tricky part in choosing the right perfume that suits you, your perfume should match your personality, it should also be your signature, not some bottle someone chose for you. Also, a certain fragrance might smell good on someone, but won’t be as flattering on you, and that’s because each individual’s natural odor reacts to the fragrance differently, so instead of going for a perfume that you liked because someone wore it try a perfume that you like and makes you flattering. But how do you do that you’re asking?

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Well, you can start by checking your personality and your age, if you’re a young adult that dresses elegant and likes classic music chances are you’d like bold perfumes like Chanel’s N.5 or YSL’s Black Opium, but if you’re a teen and perhaps listen to indie music and is probably shy, then you’d probably go for floral or sweet smells like Marc Jacob’s Daisy. The other option is to check out what you want in a perfume, do you like sweet or floral or musky smell, when you’ve made up your mind test perfumes in the mall (Macy’s perhaps) I chose the mall because they sell genuine real perfumes so you don’t have to worry about having counterfeits.

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Now here’s the hard part, when you find the fragrance you like wear it for a couple of hours to see how it will react to your skin because perfumes change due to the three notes that they’re made from. The first note which is the top note is what attracts you and usually lasts up to thirty minutes, then follows by the second note which is the heart, that’s when the perfume starts to change. Finally, the base note and that’s where the perfume settles, that’s when you’ll have your answer for whether you like it or not. Also, when spraying the perfume, never rub it because rubbing is a friction that causes the notes to react differently due to the heat from the friction.

Finally, after choosing what you want and like, wear your perfume with pride, like it’s your signature because it will be part of who you are, but don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. Spray it on your pulse areas and let the perfume do its magic.

If you'd like to see different perfumes to have an idea on what you like or want here a collection to help: