I just wanted you to know that everything will be okay in the end. Whatever you're going through, all the mistakes you may have made, it all leads up to who you are today. That means you might be a person with scars from painful memories, a person still searching for what their passion might be, someone not sure if they're making others happy enough, a person who keeps blaming themselves for the problems that happen in their life. Maybe you're a person who isn't sure who they are at all. But that's okay.

The negative feelings should not be there to consume you. There are always multiple reasons as to why it feels you're to blame, various reasons as to why you might feel so stuck. However, you cannot forget the many reasons why you're still here on this Earth, and the reasons to embrace the slow but certain personal growth you are going through. Although it is easier said than done, I want to say, just don't worry too much. Everything will be alright in the end. Just continue to better yourself, for yourself. Don't give up. If you aren't happy with where you stand as a person today, gather up the courage to not only push through that position but defeat the source of it. Bring yourself to a higher sky. Know what will make you forget about all the troubles of the world.

The enemy that remains with you until the very end of your life should only be yourself. It's important that you continue fighting with your instincts saying what you want to do, along with what you should be doing. It's essential to go through mental and emotional battles, to really carve out what is remaining of your raw soul. That raw soul is somewhere still inside of you. It is something so precious, that many may have eaten away from. It should not be forgotten of so lightly. I'm thinking, why not set it free?

Time is, though difficult to sense in its reality, very limited. Time will bring about many new events into your life. It will bring about happier days, perhaps a few more troubles, but more experience and growth. You will become older and frail, but age should not set the limits to what you feel is your potential.

You will always be growing. So provide yourself with the best nutrients you can provide, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Take care of yourself. As you treat yourself nicely, teach others to do the same. Many people forget to be friendly to their own spirits.

Do not fear, and just go ahead. Do not fear, and step forward into new goals. Do not fear, and try out things you've never done before. Do not fear, and greet your neighbors in the morning. Do not fear, let yourself loose, and see what you can do from there. Do not fear the failures. Only fear the chances you never took. Keep your head high and your beating heart motivated.

Do not fear, just let a bit of light slip through the cracks you have. Let small openings release the flow of all your worries until you find what replaces it all. A far better feeling than fear. Something of personal accomplishment.

Do not fear, and be the shelter for your own storms. Do not fear; for comfort can be found in the most uncomfortable.