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[a] about you - san cisco

san cisco image
"and i can take you out of the stratosphere"

[b] breathe - luke cusato

model, photography, and portrait image
"how is it easier to breathe, when i am drowning in my sleep"

[c] cocoon - catfish and the bottlemen

bob, benji, and van image
"i cocoon 'round your shoulder"

[d] daddy issues - the neighborhood

hard and the neighbourhood image
"go ahead and cry little girl, nobody does it like you do"

[e] end credits - eden

eden image
"lets get away from here and live like the movies"

[f] female robbery - the neighborhood

body, cool, and inspiration image
"im sure they figured it out, early on, that i would never run"

[g] girls like me - will joseph cook

aesthetic, pins, and denim image
"she said girls like me dont come around that much"

[h] house of memories - panic! at the disco

panic! at the disco, alternative, and Lyrics image
"baby we built this house on memories"

[i] i love the usa - weezer

lana del rey, ride, and usa image
"fuck yeah this place is great"

[j] jocelyn flores - xxxtentacion

xxxtentacion and 17 image
"im in pain, wanna put 10 shots in my brain"

[k] king and lionheart - of monsters and men

arctic monkeys, indie, and music image
"and we wont run, and we wont run"

[l] lose it - oh wonder

concert, ow, and oh wonder image
"my hands your bones"

[m] magnets, pt.1 - slothrust

photography, sky, and aesthetic image
"he is watching the x-files again"

[n] not today - twenty one pilots

sky, pink, and car image
"you are out of my mind"

[o] oceans - seafret

grunge, beach, and sky image
"i know what you deserve, know id rather drown"

[p] parking lot - blink-182

aesthetic and dark image
"underneath fluorescent lights we'll waste the best nights of out lives"

[q] S K I P

[r] reptilia - the strokes

legs, knees, and grunge image
"youre in the strange part of our town"

[s] spiderhead - cage the elephant

paradise, grunge, and beach image
"i am the one you left for dead"

[t] take me out - franz ferdinand (0:50)

aesthetic, clothes, and outfit image
"i say dont you know? you say you dont know"

[u] untitled (for now) - oliver daldry

dark, grunge, and blue image
"my hands almost bleeding, my heart barely beating"

[v] S K I P

[w] we could be - the hunna

bottle, colors, and pastel image
"we could be on top if it werent for shit like you"

[x] S K I P

[y] you found me - the fray

aesthetic, fuck, and shadow image
"i found god, on the corner of first and amistad"

[z] S K I P