hello everyone
welcome back to my blog so today article will be about my fall playlist as you already has seen
I am going to give you the links of my favorite version of every song and you can check my " lyrics" collection to see my taste in music and the songs that I believe is pure art

wallpaper, liam payne, and lockscreen image
I used to be in 1D but now I am free......

2-BACK TO YOU -Louis Tomlinson feat bebe rexha

bebe rexha, louis tomlinson, and back to you image
I just keep on coming back to you

3-DUSK TILL DAWN - Zayn feat sia

miley, malik, and zayn malik image
I'll hold you when things go wrong....

4- COLORS -Hasley

colors, music, and music video image
you were red and you liked me 'cause I was blue than you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn't for you

5-NEW RULES-Dua Lipa

girl and dua lipa image
three don't be his friend you know you are gonna wake up in his bed in the morning and if you're under him you ain't getting over him

so this are the 5 songs that i am attached to this fall I hope you liked the aticle sorry for the language mistakes please do follow me and follow "my blog" collection
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these are the links for the 5 songs as I told you in the first of the article

Aline xoxo