Hi everyone
I want to talking about my first love.
It was really happened. I mean love at first sigh.Yeah i do. But now, i feel nothing to him , to be more precise i didn't see him since when i was 12.

First time i saw him in the class. We all came to different class in the same year, i was 12 in this year.

whatever, he enter the class first school day, and i saw him. I was impressed to him. He has fair hair and his eyes are blue. Maybe you can't believe that but he was impressed me to. We was looked at each other.

Later we were talking each other. I was really love him. Then he was change his school.
he left school before, i mean the last day in the bus he stared to me then he waved. I didn't know the day he went. But now i'm 17 and i even forget his name lol