Hi everyone , I want to tell you one of my stories which changed everything, maybe we all had that situation when we love person but this is wrong we can't love him/her but we still do I don't remember time when I realized that I loved him so badly, I was never going to love him but it happened itself, In the beginning we were talking about everything and we found out that we have same interests and opinions about many things, then we were laughing a lot we were just friends , classmates , he was sitting next to me and in the lessons we were having fun talks and I just liked that we were so close to each other and then I loved him just friendly because I knew that inside of his handsome appearance was really good and kind person which you can trust and have hope that he will never hurt you like others but in this time I used to see him just like friend honestly I couldn't to tell myself that I really liked him.
after one year our friendship stopped we weren't talking anymore as often as before and I felt that it was making me feel very hurt and bad I was missing him , I was hating myself because he wasn't interested in me anymore we become very cold to each other there happened a lot of things some my classmates told bad lies and he heard that I knew but he never talked to me so I was very ashamed but I still had some hope that maybe inside of him was small part which was liking me and I couldn't stop loving him , when I had some problems with friends or family or just with myself I was looking at him and his eyes was enough for happiness He has brown eyes which I love more than anything in this world. I loved the way he was looking at me but one night my "friend" (not really friend ) came to me and told me that she and he are in couple that was the most bad day in my life cause I should be happy for her because she is really good girl , beauty and kind and I can't really explain how I felt It was the hell I was burning inside of my body cause I knew that I couldn't love him but I can't everytime I tried not to I failed so I stay quite and loved him It was very painful I had no other choice I had depression I wanted to kill myself I hated everyone and so on. then I heard that girl went to other boy and she left him but then she came back to him and I realised that she couldn't love as much as I did but now they are still together I think .
and I now I'm here alone and can't love anymore anyone because I don't think that I will get love back.
sorry if my English is bad, and thank you if you are reading this <3