hey loves!!

this is the first article i've officially written, and as i personally struggle to fall asleep, i thought i would share a playlist of songs that help me.

  • boom boom boom~ samyel
  • cherry wine- live~ hozier
  • beach baby~ bon iver
  • berlin~ ry x
  • i can feel your pain~ manchester orchestra
  • bloom~ the paper kites
  • like real people do~ hozier
  • re: stacks~ bon iver
  • michigan~ the milk carton kids
  • for emma~ bon iver
  • wash~ bon iver
  • put on, cologne~ donovan woods
  • holocene~ bon iver
  • the only thing~ sufjan stevens
  • easier~ mansionar
  • break apart~ bonobo, rhye
  • hiding tonight~ alex turner
  • for you~ passenger
  • pusher~ alt-j
  • stay with me~ jasmine thompson
  • fire-scene~ s. carey
  • tomorrow never came~ lana del rey, sean lennon
  • million miles away~ keegan allen
  • nightlife~ axel flovent
  • idle town~ conan gray
bed autumn bed bed
my room looks nothing like this haha, but lets just pretend it does

i hope you all enjoyed this article, until next time.
- cate x