Shout out to all the midnight snackers out there.
It’s a trait that comes naturally to some of us. We keep promising ourselves we won’t do it, that this will be the last time we go hunting for a midnight meal, but then there’s no end to the crumbs in bed that you wake up to every morning. Then there’s that walk of shame you make from your bed to the waste basket carrying all the candy wrappers that you gorged on the previous night. Let’s not even get started on all those ketchup and gravy stains that scar your clothes and bedspreads forever, a reminder of your incessant gluttony.
Never is it easy to explain being caught raiding the refrigerator in the middle of the night while most of the sane population snuggles under their bed covers and dreams of nice fluffy things. After a while your room mate or spouse takes to hiding the food in the most absurd corners just so it’ll live to see the light of another day without. Of course, with great hunger comes great sleuthing skills. So what if you have to climb a few shelves and have to stack up stools and chairs to get to the cookie jar, as long as there’s a crispy sugary treat waiting at the end no task is too great.
What makes us so desperate for those little meals between meals all the time? It can’t really be an essential intrinsic need of the material body unless you have a metabolism that’s positively superhuman. Maybe an obsessive love for food, though something tells me that isn’t all it is. Food becomes more of a hobby than a means of daily nutrition.
While I’m known to splurge on the occasional midnight snack myself, I don’t really condone the habit. It can’t be very healthy to interrupt the sleep cycle to wander the halls in the quest for more food. The body isn’t very good at handling that kind of thing and neither are all those people that live with you. It’s going to be hard but the habit has got to get tuned down a bit. Try doing certain other things to take your mind off food or make try not to have any left overs lying around that might tempt you back into your late night strolls.