Black, all I can see is black. His beautifully dangerous black eyes that stared through my soul. I laid there on the queen sized bed thinking of a way to get him out of my head, closing my eyes ready to sleep. I felt his arms wrap around creating a safe haven for me and a big smile erupted on my face. suddenly everything stopped as I realised it was my imagination and I was brought back to reality. where I was truly alone in this world and the one thing that makes me extremely happy and melancholic, him. he is my escape from reality and my essence of reality. I stayed up all night thinking of him, wondering why life was so cruel as to show me someone who stole my heart just to present me with the facts that he will never ever notice me and I will forever be alone as everyone else around moves on with life and finds their happiness.

Luna is slowly leaving and its time for Helios to arrive and still, my mind was on him, he never leaves my mind and its always at the back of my mind during lessons. I watched the pale opaque moon slowly leave and the burnt orange sun to rise up, golden hues of the sun filter through my curtains and blind my sight and still my thought was on him. I'm yearning for his love but he can't see anything, I'm yearning for his attention but he won't notice but most importantly I'm yearning for my happiness, my happily ever after but he won't stay off my mind or know how I feel for him.

I walk down the street late at night wondering what I see in her, why I'm so attracted to her why I'm yearning for her love and admiration but I can't think of anything. the first day I met her was a day I can never forget. her back was towards me on the first day of school, I overtook her and accidentally dropped the boo she was holding in her hand. she was fierce, she called me out and told me to say sorry or pick up her book. Her confidence and fearlessness had me captivated from the start but over the years she slowly reverted into an introvert and timid girl who is only truly happy with her friends. Everyone knew what would have changed her. People, people changed her, the older we got the more she knew about the real world and how people are and it made her insecure. That courageousness she established had her implanted in my mind, remembering how she stood up for herself but if it were to happen to her now, she would have picked it up herself and carried on with life; wanting to leave this horrid school which had the nastiest and soul-crushing students.

my whole life I wanted to be the perfect student and son and I have achieved that but what I really wanted was the one person who could turn my frown upside down and I know will keep me happy and love me unconditionally and vice versa. The yearning in my heart has grown so huge that I can't even stand straight and live my life, following the same routine every day until we both go separate ways, her moving on with her life and dragging my heart with her leaving me to hear all alone with no one.

I hope you guys liked it, this is a continuous part of my first article: My Love For... The girl in the story is a version of me and how I feel. However, the boy's POV is fictitious, I had made it up and how I would imagine the guy I like.