Fall fashion is the best. It's comfortable, and super cute. These are just some basic items you need in your closet for autumn.


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Sweaters are the best. They're warm and cozy and delightful and I could go on for hours. Grab a couple sweaters, and you'll be set for sweater weather!

Ankle Booties

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Ankle boots are the cutest shoes EVER, and they come in so many variations. You can find a nice pair almost anywhere, and they go perfectly with skirts and dresses.


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I don't wear a lot of scarves, but they are definitely an essential. They go great with light blouses or solid color dresses. Actually, they go great with anything!

Trench Coats

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Trench coats are perfect for a cold autumn's day. It keeps the crisp air out, and leaves you looking fabulous in the process. Hurrah for the trench coat!


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Handbags are the perfect size for a bag, right in between clutches and totes. They fit everything you need, and if you pick the right one, serve all the looks you need.

Hope you like this article, I had so much fun making it. My next one should be winter fashion. See you there <3!