Love is like cupid’s arrow shooting where it hurts I don’t understand it’s so confusing
It’s painful as death but can be sweet to the point where there’s no refusing
Cupid struck me yesterday as he walked by and smiled
Man! He doesn’t know how his smiles start the conga in my stomach but yet it was mild
The sleeveless shirt he wore hugged his muscles
It made my heart skip beats you could record it in Pascal’s
I like the way his hair dances to the winds song it makes his eyes flinch causing him to cringe
The way he hates it when I hear him swear, his face recoils like a person struck with a syringe
I wonder how his always joyful even when the atmosphere is murky and dull as a rain cloud
He can be a bit too sappy and get in trouble for being loud

On school trips he always attracts females like flies
I bet they just want to belt out the “call me maybe” song in cries
They gaze at him like a fat kid who found the candy stash
I don’t think he notices and their faces go as priceless as cash
I like watching him play with kids
He changes into his true self so caring to fulfill their deeds
And when he laughs, oh how I like his laugh it’s so thick and light
I want his voice as my slow motion sound track to linger on just right
When his body brushes past mine
I feel like the Chinese New Year fireworks about to explode not at midnight but at nine

Or when I hope he gives me those once in a blue moon hugs at the end of term
I would feel like chemicals when they go ka boom in chem
I just want to do the “Gangnam” style and jump on his back
But then I don’t he might think I’m a nutcase and go what the heck
Or when he stares at me intently when we’re talking I hope there’s nothing on my face
When I do check my face jees I want to bang my face all over the place
When I meet him, realising how I look I just want the ground to open and swallow me
He probably thinks I look like the old lady who lives with her cats near the sea
Hot, heated, heightened, hurt, humored and happy he may look
As he hangs out with his so-called friends who judge people by their cover like a book

People think his a fun and cheerful person all the time
But when the curtain closes his hurtin as acidic lime
He can fool everybody but not me
I can see past those hazel,black eyes