'Does he like me?'
'Maybe I am not his type'
'I am not as pretty as she is'
'He will never look at me like i look at him'
'I am nothing without him'

Why? Why do we treat ourselves like this? Why do we let them hurt us? Why don't we let them go?

Let me tell you this, we don't need someone to tell us what we should feel, and we should never beg to someone for love or attettion. If someone likes you, he's gonna do everything in his power for you to know that you are loved, you should never low yourself for someone.

I know what it feels like to be attracted to someone, without knowing if it is love or lust, but trust me when i say that you are better than that, you don't deserve to be with someone that does mental games with you, that doesn't treat you like you deserve. It isn't suppose that you question his loyalty or love to you, so, know this..

If he has the same feelings that you have for him, he is gonna show you, and if not, you deserve someone better and I belive that you are destined to be with a better person, don't lose hope and please don't waste your love with some stupid boy that thinks it's cool to be a fuckboy, because you can think that you are in love, but maybe you just want to be loved.

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