After the excitement of high school graduation wore off, and the anxiety of getting accepted into my choice of university faded; it was time to enter a new world. University is going to be a very exhausting period of your life, but it can also be very rewarding. That will only happen if you allocate your two most important resources efficiently: your time and your energy. This is my third year in university, and below is a list of important lessons I learned along the way. (That I wish I'd known earlier.)

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- Habit is key.
There will be urgent all-nighters. But to minimise them, you need to prepare a simple routine for yourself that will help you get into work mode. They vary widely: from sleeping and waking up at fixed times, to cleaning up your desk and lighting candles.

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- Figure out what suits you best.
To create said habits, you need first to find out your own requirements. Do you work better during the day or later in the night? Use the first couple of weeks to try out different studying techniques. Figure out what kind of learner you are: visual? Linguistic? Intrapersonal?

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- Take a break when you need it.
Slow down. Go for a walk. Smell the flowers. Prepare a nice warm cup of flavored coffee. Your brain and body need to recharge, just like your phone and laptop, to keep functioning properly. This way, you'll be able to give 110% each time.

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- Hustle hustle hustle.
Do your readings. Do your maths exercises. Enjoy and use the energy that your youth brings you. When exam night comes along, you'll be thankful that you've already learned all the material throughout the semester.

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- Stay healthy.
Eat a full, well-composed breakfast. Whole-wheat toast with avocados and eggs. Squeeze some lemon into your water. DRINK lots of water. Do some stretches when you wake up. Your body will thank you.

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- Don't be afraid to ask for help.
University will look scary, but everyone is in the same boat. Your professors will always look forward to your questions. Pursue knowledge. Knowledge is power.

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- Motivation is great, but it's temporary.
Work on discipline instead. Sit down, open your notes and get at it. Staring at a blank wall hoping for an angel to send you motivation will get you nowhere. Disciplining yourself will teach you many things, like responsibility and time management.

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Most importantly, be brave. It's okay to be afraid as long as you still face the challenges that come your way. May this year be more fruitful than the last, and may you be ever closer to your goals.