Dear Beautiful You,

I know life can be hard.
Some days are feeling like the end of the world.
But remember this:
You ARE good enough.
You CAN do it.
You WILL get there.
I believe in you.
Please, don't give up!

Don't give up on your life.
Don't give up on your dreams.
Don't give up on finding love.
Don't give up on fighting.

Fight for the good.
Search Jesus.
Follow His lead.

Even though it's hard.
Even though you want to quit.
Even though you don't have the energy to go on anymore.

I feel you.
I have been there.
I wanted to quit on everything, but God told me to keep on living..for Him!
So, I found my life by letting it go.
I found a reason to live in Jesus Christ Himself.

He set me free.
He rescued me.
He wants to rescue you too.
Will you let Him?

God bless!