I'm sure we all love watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and cable in general. We have our favorite shows that we cannot skip, but we all have those all time legendary shows that we can never forget. Here is a list of shows that I believe stand the test of time when it comes to all time favorite.

aesthetic pop Archie Archie
1. Riverdale Although Riverdale has only one season out, it is truly the new teen drama show to watch. Riverdale is based off of the Archie comic books. This show gives the characters new life in a murder mystery series on the death of Jason Blossom. If your looking for a new teen drama, here is your new obsession.
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2. Glee This high school based showed filled with every student you could think of has something for everyone. A group of jocks, cheerleaders, nerds, drama geeks, and other misfits fill the glee room every day after class. This is the one room where they can all be themselves and get along. This show brings you back to your high school Musical days where you sing all your drama filled problems away. Another must watch teen drama.
izzie couple grey meredith grey
3. Grey's Anatomy This show has so many season, you might wonder why, because it is so addicting. Grey's Anatomy fallows the Life of Meredith Grey as she interns at a hospital along with her friends to someday become surgens. Though, somehow they always manage to get themselves involve in every possible drama situation that can happen; and they characters make you feel part of the family they have made at this hospital.
the walking dead the walking dead dead andrea
4. The Walking Dead This is definitely not your average zombie apocalypse show, this shows the lives a several characters and how this phenomenon brought them together to become one big family. It's constantly keeps you on your toes because you never know who's gonna survive, but it also makes you feel close to characters. This is definitely a show everyone will fall for.
black and white dr house dr house dr house
5. House A drug addict with a horrible personality, do you think that would make a good doctor? Well apparently Dr. House can pull it off. Along with his team House spends every day popping pain pills and saving lives. Although he is a mess, he is a genius when it comes to solving cases no one else can figure out. He might be a mad genius. but you'll learn to love him.
vintage castle Superthumb downton abbey
6. Downton Abbey Even I was surprised by how much I loved this show. This show will make you feel like you have a second family. Downton Abbey fallows a high class family in the 1920's that always has a new problem to worry about. Whether its upstairs with the family or downstairs with the help, there is always something going on.
lost boy lost lost
7. Lost If you always manage to guess a the ending of a movie or a plot line never keeps you intrigued, well here's a game changer. This show fallows a group of people that have crashed on a island after something goes wrong on their flight, but there is something very weird about this island. This show always keeps you on your toes with all the phenomenons that happen.
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8. Gilmore Girls This is way up there on the legondary chart. Following the lives of a single mother and her daughter, this show has everything from the outstanding character, the old fashion town where everyone knows each other, and all the hilarious comebacks is what makes this show so great. It makes you feel as if you left your couch and was dropped off in the great town of Stars Hollow and you hope you never have to leave.
boy meets world average boy meets world 90s
9. Boy Meets World This classic 90's tv show has something for everyone when it comes to comedy and surviving your everyday life, including your family. You fallow the life a Cory as grows up and learns how to handle family, friends, and love. The characters are so hilarous that you'll find yourself watching one episode after another.
friends chandler chandler 90s
10. Friends Last but definitely not least, we have the most legendary tv comedy of all time, Friends. I don't even need to write to much about this show because it has truly stood the test of time. This group of six best friends will never let you down.