i'm exhausted. not only physically, but also mentally. i've been sad all day, and it's driving me crazy. everyone is just happily pretending to like each other, and pretending to be someone they aren't, and i just can't anymore. everyone is just pretending to be so nice and so open, but it's all just one big show. you have to be a certain image to be accepted. you have to get drunk at least once a month (while we're not off age yet), and the only thing you should care about is partying. school is not a thing. but here's the thing: i'd want to go to the club once a month (without getting drunk), but because of all this nonsense, i don't feel like doing it, which is said. i just feel like becoming invisible and disappear.

quote of the day: you don't need water to feel like you're drowning, do you?