The beach may not be in season, but why not prepare for next summer? Whether you're going to Myrtle Beach or Belize, we can all agree that beach fashion is great. Here are some items that you MUST have to go to the beach.

Nice Swimsuit

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Swimsuits come in so many styles and colors, you have to have at least three in your closet.


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A good coverup is essential to a good beach day. Throw one on after getting out of the water, or while laying in the sun.


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Whether it be simple flip-flops or intricate wedge heels, sandals are a must for the beach.


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Long or short, sundresses are perfect for the beach. They're flowy and light, and if they get wet, no big deal!


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Sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun, but they're super cute as well! Aviators and large lenses are in right now, so pick up a pair!

Hope you like this article, I had so much fun making it. My next one should be fall fashion. See you there <3!