Hey peepz,

This is my first article and I hoop you will love it. Forgive my English because I am original from Belgium.

Let's talk about fall!
I love it
The smell of hot drinks, the clothes, the weather. I love it all!


autumn autumn autumn autumn
  • Coffee it is good but even better in this time of year
  • Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows
  • Pumpking spiced latte
  • Tea
best friends Superthumb clothes autumn autumn fashion

I love the colors. Bordeaux is my fav and oh those cardigans and big sweaters are perfect. Comfortable and stylish in one. Those long socks man oh i can't go without them I am so obsessed!

When it is this time of year I like a lot of light reading. I also do poetry and I am very inspirational when I see people with eachother in thise time of year. So go and try something new and creative!

I hope you liked it, Kisses Femke