Mostly everybody has a favourite color or at least one who are they attached to. I have some too. In those days when I feel down when I have no strenght I like to attach colours to my feelings. There are days when everything is red, when I'm angry and nothing work out. I see, feel in red. Blue is the other one which I feel most of the time. It not exactly sadness more like panic. When I can't breath or think straight. But the one I hate the most is grey I don't feel it often but when it arrives it's the worst. Those days I feel nothing I just stare in front of me into nothing, everything is blurry and days melt into each other weeks run through me and I have no memory of it. It is just grey. It is hard to recover from it but the best way I could find is to attach new memories to these colors and experience new pink which is love and recovery form me.