I'm just thinking in me and my life. It's like a puzzle and I don't have all the pieces... when something fits, other things go wrong. And that make me so sad. I don't know if I'm in my way, I mean, I have conflicts with my career because I'm not sure anymore about my vocation... And I'm in a relationship for four years and now we are so distant and cold.

I want freedom and happiness, sometimes it's easy, go to university, talk and smile... but then I feel like I'm not doing that I supposed to do.

And the most frustrating is that I don't have a fucking idea.

I just want to make myself happy, you know self-love, self-care...

But I'm still thinking and waiting things that will not happen. It's funny because I know that destroy me and I do it anyway, it's funny and stupid.

I would like to get a signal or a light that show me the way... the way to be happy... the decisions that makes me better everyday.

I believe in that light, I just... i just don't know where to find it.