my family and i go for vacation occasionally for a treat! These are some places i picked that would be fun to go for vacation with your friends or family!

Bali, Indonesia

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I've actually been here for a family vacation and it's honestly the best! It was so hot and sunny it felt really nice! There is a lot of things to do here! I went elephant riding and visited temples! I would recommend here!

The Bahamas

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Although it's a very overrated place to go it really is worth going there! I haven't been there but what i've heard it's really nice! You can swim with sharks and see pigs swimming! Best place to go relax and go swimming like everyday! They are known for it's beautiful clear sea and stunning coral reefs!


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The best part about this vacation spot is the resorts and villas! They are so beautiful! If you didn't know mylifeaseva went to the Maldives and did a villa tour and right then i fell in love with the Maldives! it's on my bucket list!!!!!!! link to villa tour:


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Fiji is another must go! The culture and so much more like kayaking and exploring the oceans! the cute fishes and corals to see! I would so want to go!

Cancún, Mexico

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Cancun is such a tourist attraction! You can go snorkelling to see the underwater museum and go see an ancient pyramid! And the beaches are so beautiful there! i really wanna go but i have no money rip

My article has come to an end;(
I hope you guys will keep in thought of the countries to go to vacation! Trust me you won't regret going!
Maldives tickets are a bit expensive but its depending on where you live for the airplane tickets!
Keep travelling!