I literally just left middle school earlier this year and honestly I am a completely different person from when I started. If you are just entering middle school 'Good Luck'.

[1] Focus:
º I know it seems like an easy concept but, its not. People will distract you with things that are super childish, petty and unnecessary. If you just focus on whats important you will never fail and you will be happy.

[2] Be Drama free
º Drama seems to be what runs Middle school which is freaking dumb. If someone tells you a rumor IGNOR IT. Do not spread it. That only makes things worse for the environment and makes the other person feel awful. Also if you get caught spreading a rumor by an faculty member you'll get in trouble. 100% of the time

[3] Study
º In middle school I honestly and truly didn't give a shit about my grades. I didn't study or do anything. My grades were 78s through 87s which isn't completely awful but still I am paying for it in some of my classes right now.

[4] Boyfriend/Girlfriend
º I had my first boyfriend in 7th grade. The experience to this day was a joke but it meant everything to me at the time. Remember that being in a relationship is both a positive and negative thing and you don't need to be in on just because everyone else is. And if you do go at the pace that is right for you

[5] Friendships
º I made some friends at the beginning of middle school and right now I am only friends with three of them. So just know the friendship is not that crucial. Whatever falling out you have with someone just remember you're gonna make up and you'll have one bigger and badder.