Today’s topic has as its main purpose for me to tell you all a few interesting things about me. Honestly, I don’t know how to do this as I don’t know if I even have anything interesting to share about myself, but I will do this anyways.

Zodiac sign
I am an Aquarius and honestly, it is one of the most complicated signs that exist. It is very complex and hard to understand even for those who are of this sign.

2. Where I come from

I come from a very small country in the Balkan peninsula called Albania. We like to think that it is already a developed country, but it is not. It is getting there though. I don’t blame it as it only has 3 million people on it.

3. How I express my mood

I express my mood through colors. Don’t get me wrong I don’t paint. The only thing I paint is my nails. They have different colors according to how I am feeling.

4. My bright past

Usually, people like to say that they will have a bright future, but for me is the opposite. I had a bright past. I used to write a lot and I even managed to get one of my stories published in one of the most famous magazines for children. I also gave a speech in front of a thousand people or more in the main square of the capital of my country, which is where I also live.

5. Free time

My free time is no different from the one of other people my age. I am almost most of the time on the internet. I am either writing my blogs or I’m scrolling through different photography websites to get inspired either for photos of me or photos taken by me. I also like to read a lot and spend time with my friends.

6. Conflicts and Drama

I am a person who can’t stand these two things. I try my best to avoid these types of situations and if they do happen then I just walk away from whoever creates them.

7. Favorite Book

My most favorite book would be all of the books in the Harry Potter series. For some reason no matter how many times I read them I never get bored and even though I know what will happen I am excited to see how everything unfolds.

8. My age

I am 17 years old and there’s really not much to say about this one.

9. Friendships

I value friendships quite a lot and I do my best to keep them going. I don’t give up on people unless they give up on me. I hang out with people who are either older or younger than me. For some reason, I can’t seem to get along well with those who are in the same age as me. Also, the majority of my friends are males. It just seems that sometimes it is easier to be around them.

10. Favorite Color

I don’t have a favorite color. I like all of them including pastel tones, some shades of pink and dark red. However, there are colors that I can’t stand such as yellow, baby pink or bright red.