Since I love K-pop so much I decided to give you guys a list of beginner girl group K-pop songs that are sure to keep you hooked.

Wonder Girls

Irony: This song has such a catchy beat and don't even get me started on the dance! <3

Tell me: This songs chorus will for SURE be stuck in your head all day! And it doesn't hurt to mention that the music video for this song is super cute!!

Nobody: This song was so popular that they preformed it live on the Wendy Williams show! They promoted this song while opening for the Jonas Brothers on tour!


Touch My Body: This song is one of the most ICONIC songs in the K-pop Industry. With it's infectious dance and chorus it's sure to be on your summer playlist!

Give It To Me: This song features amazing vocals and is filled with emotion. It's sure to make you grab your hairbrush and sing along ;)

Ma Boy:This song will for sure make you body roll and dance around with your friends.

Girl's Generation

You Think: The music video to this song is so beautifully made, it's a mix of edgy and sexy, this song has to be one of my favorites.

Holiday: This is their newest comeback and I'm loving it! The whole feel of it is just so infectious and fun.

Into The New World: This song was their debut song and it radiates the feeling of unity, Girls supporting girls. I don't know how to explain it but this is my favorite Girls Generation song by far!


Whatta Man: This song samples the chorus from the Salt n' peppa song Whatta Man. Personally I think I.O.I's version is way better but I am a bit biased. This song has such a good flow to it, from the rapping to the vocals, even the dance break!

Pick Me: A song many people might find annoying (as i did) but the more you listen to it the more you find your self falling in love with it!

Now I'll end this very long article with a list of amazing groups you should check out as well!

Girl's day
Miss A
Red Velvet
Orange Caramel
and last but not least: Exid

I could go on and on about girl groups, there are so many more amazing ones but this article would be a full size novel by the time I'm done. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!!