This is my second article this weekend, but I got super excited because I just got back from shopping yesterday, and I wanted to post another fall-fashion article. Today, will be fall must-haves for your closet. There's a ton of things I am in LOVE with this season, and I thought I'd share some with y'all.

  • Denim - Whether it's a pair of ripped jeans, or comfy overalls, I feel like denim is the perfect thing to wear this season. It literally goes with anything and it can look flattering on anyone.
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  • Hoodies - The comfiest look if you're ever in a rush, or if you just don't need to look your absolute best. I have so many sweatshirts and hoodies in my closet, you have no idea :P
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  • Off The Shoulder / Cold Shoulder Tops - These very trendy shirts are absolutely wonderful to have at all times. They look super classy, and they are still very comfortable and perfect for the weather. And they go with almost anything, so yeah, there's that too! XD
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  • Ankle Boots - These boots, hands down, are my favorite thing ever. They look super cute with jeans, and they can easily go along with whatever outfit you have on. There are a variety of styles and colors, and you can mix and match with them!
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  • Jackets - If it's a bomber jacket, great! Got a denim jacket, or an army jacket? You'll look amazing this fall! I absolutely adore jackets and layers in the fall, because it's not too hot or too cold to be wearing anything too permanent, so it's goo to haven something you can easily put on or take off.
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  • Scarves - I remember back in fifth grade, I wore scarves almost everyday, even if it didn't match my outfit! Haha! These are one of the most important things to have in your closet in the fall, because it really screams AUTUMN.
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  • Flannel / Plaid - Oh my god!!!! This is literally my obsession all year long, but in the fall, I am 100x more obsessed!! You can wear it with a cute graphic tee or just wear it buttoned up.
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That's all for today. Congrats if you got this far of my horrible writing, but thank you for reading!!!

xo, Rose