Hello Everyone,

Yes, it's absolutely getting better and better. I slowly accept the fact that I've been fired few days ago. It's still hard, but I don't give up.

A sent my CV-s for kindergartens and I made another CV which includes my writing experiences (includes these articles too :-)). So I'm already open wide for an organised life again. In so much that I'm going to an interview tomorrow.

fall, pumpkin, and autumn image

Today I'm happy because my mom took my Guinea pig to my apartment for two days and it's really calming to hear his small noises. :-) And seeing his sleeping is relaxing for me, too. Furthermore, I can't wait my rendez-vous tomorrow which makes me so happy, of course. :-) These are little things, but I'm very grateful of them, it helps a lot in these difficult times.

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My to-do lists are working, but not so satisfying. I have still so much time, and that's why I feel more motivated to find a job. I don't feel like I must lying all day, so this thing that my to-dos don't satisfies me is an amazing sign of my healing actually.

I'm still scared, I'm still anxious and I'm still hesitating, but the brain fog is getting fly up, so I can think more clearly than 3 days ago. It's not perfect, but as you know: #itsokay.

And I'm getting be OK. :-)

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If you want to chatting about your difficult and/or hard times, I'd love to reading your messages! :-)

Have a nice day to all brave and healing human beings!