Loving someone with all your heart can be painful because sometimes you might not be loved back from the person.
Heart break can happen to anyone at anytime and by anyone we truly love.

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When you find yourself loving a person with whom you cant be with can be the most painful thing you will ever feel

The thing about love is that is demands to be felt that's why you wont escape what you feel by ignore it
You just simply defeat it

We all are stronger than heartbreak because it's just a state of mind you can move past it whenever you want but we never try

Because we like the pain, we like every part of it as we need to feel something because after having your heart broken down to pieces you wont be able to feel anything, except pain

But that's the thing, pain doesn't have to be the only thing we feel after heartbreak.

No one deserves to feel such a horrible feeling
Happiness is the only feeling we a deserve to feel

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So go out, look them in the eye and say i deserve to be happy with or without you because even if you are broken, hurt you need to look past it and see the bigger picture
There are plenty of fish in the sea and all you need to do is find one which is worthy enough to give you that happiness you so long for.
And i promise you that person will come when you least expect it.

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xoxo, Con