I've been happy all my life, I hadn't too met friends but I never was worried about it. One day, I met two very popular girls and their friends, I was so happy when they asked me to be friends, we became best friends. The time past and I was losing my old friends, they told me that I was changing, I was really angry with them.
I started to be more popular and egocentric, they said that I was the best and the funniest. Then I started to bullied people and friends only for attention, I was living a lie.
More days pass and I was more stupid and mean, I believed that I was the best and the prettiest, nobody could stop me; my mom was worried and upset.
A year pass and I saw that I became a horrible person; my mind couldn't accept it and I felt in depression. I was crying all day and night and I was afraid to go out with them again, I stopped eating and being confident with myself and I developed anxiety.
No one of my new friends asked me anything, only a girl that I was being mean all the time.
She opened herself to me and told me her past experiences with the same problems and how she survive; at the end she was and is my close and best friend. Without her probably my world would be worse.
I learnt that no everything depends of be popular, or pretty, rich or have the perfect life because if you don't have real friends to share with them isn't going yo make you happy.
People still think that I've had and I have a perfect life, but the truth is that was the worst nightmare I've lived.

It's only a old story, but I now some people are in the same right now.
Believe in yourself and be you, make real friend and forget the rest, because that is the best way to be happy.