And slowly i began losing people
I lost a friend and another one too
I don't know who is next
I think it might be you
I don't wanna losse you
but i dont know what to do
it hurts like hell this i have to go through
i cant hold on anymore
this pain is true
but theres no way darling that im loosing you

I don’t know anything right now.I don’t know what you are.The only thing im sure is that I like your presence.I feel so bad when I don’t see ya.I feel so good just touching a little part of you.Most of times you annoy me.Sometimes you are so lovely.One time you are a big liar and even though I know I keep on listening.The other times you just hug me and I feel so good from such a great loving.But than theres you again talking to her and her.And you’re here looking me straight in the eyes that say they want me ,but you’re also here and looking at her.Yeah you and me escaping our bodies cause we feel the connection.You and I that want it so badly but scared as hell.You that are cold as ice sometimes when we’re alone.You and I that in a room full of people wanna make out.Who are we darling? Who are you ?And Who am I? You’ll never be faithful to me.Why are you confusing me. I know yout better than you know yourself now.Tell me what to do.Can I ride with you or no?Are you going to disappear or you will stay here?Am I an idiot ?Am I fucked up that I miss you even I see you everyday?Yeah I know I am .Im stucked here in this circle and I need to get out of here.I need to go home.And Im not sure home carries your name.