Unfortunately throughout the world there are millions of bullying cases a year. And it's sad to see how people can be so mean and mean. The "funny" thing is that these people are cowards to the point of hurting people that most of the time have never done them any harm, and when they attack, they attack in groups and not alone.

The problem is that these cruel acts leave marks on the victim who always gonna be with her, not only that day, that week, that month, but for the rest of her whole life.
The next day after being victims we wake up and think "today will be better", but the truth is that often is not, and we become a victim of bullying every day.
Until the day comes when we meet each morning, unwilling to get out of bed, we feel exhausted, without strength, but we continue to think to ourselves, "This is going to happen." And then we get up, put a smile on our face and we continue to live, because "it's just a bad day".

However, it's not just a bad day, it's not a bad week, it's not a bad month ... And every day we go through this humiliation situation, the pain we feel increases, if it gets heavier and getting up from the bed becomes a real sacrifice. The sadness and pain we feel becomes prolonged and gradually happiness disappears.

We live in a bubble, in which everything happens to run, but for us it is as if we are living in a slow cam and we are still standing upright. We live prisoners of our own mind that leads us to think of the worst questions: "Why do I still have to wake up every morning?", "Why do I have to open my eyes?", "Why do not I have the right to be happy?", "Why do I feel like this?", " Why me? What is wrong with me?".
And then after so much suffering in our head arise self-destructive thoughts: "This sadness will never disappear.", "I will never be happy again.", "I'm not good enough.", "My existence is indifferent.", "Nobody cares about me.", "I'm not good enough.", "I'm not pretty.", and it is at this moment that our mind becomes our worst enemy and we hit the bottom. All we want is to die, because we can no longer endure the suffering that is to live.

It's sad when living becomes so painful. It should not be like this, no one should feel so much pain in living.

PLEASE STOP BULLIYNG, do not be complicit and stare. Call somebody! Because that person needs help! Helping that person can avoid suicide, because it's not a person, it's about a million and a half that dies every year because of bullying.

by Carina Queirós