This article is about beautiful songs you should listen (in my opinion).

1. Lost On You (LP)

Let's raise a glass or two
To all the things I lost on you
Tell me,are they lost on you?
Superthumb lp

2. Don’t Look At Me Like That (Song Jieun)

Don't look at me like that,with those eyes
All we did was love
Stop cursing us,we are...
As you see,just a little different...
Superthumb Superthumb

3. Find Me (Osaka&Brianna)

So you can find me,
When you’re goin’ on and around me,
I see stars in your eyes they are falling
And they’re falling down for the love
Superthumb Superthumb

4. Acele (Carla's Dreams)

And I have memories
They try to ignite in me everything that already burnt
And cannot burn again.
Your needles doing tattoo under my skin
Changing my blood inside veins
Superthumb Superthumb

5. The Heart Wants What It Wants (Selena Gomez)

This is a modern fairy tale
No happy endings
No wind in our sails
But I can't imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down
black and white gomez

6. Sleepless Night (9Muses)

Wherever I look, I can’t find someone like you
Yes I was crazy, I was so crazy
Where can I meet a good man like you?
Superthumb Superthumb

7. Tears (Clean Bandit&Louisa Johnson)

And my tears flow like the ocean
As they floated in the breeze
They were falling in slow motion
And they brought me to my knees
autumn Superthumb

8. Rain (Kim Taeyeon)

Memories come down when it rains, spreading pain
Watching you as you get soaked
Clear in that moment,
wet with memories
I think of you when you were beautiful in the rain
Superthumb girls generation

9. Skip a Little Love (Yanka)

Feel my body when you come so close
I feel your body like an overdose
Skip a little love on my body and I burn
aesthetic Avril Lavigne

10. Love Like This (Hyolyn)

But you broke the cage
From where I was trapped,
And shut-out
Oh, fit yourself to me...
I can fit myself to you
Like a puzzle...
sistar kpop

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