It's so incredible but I feel myself the luckiest and the happiest person in this world right now. I met this guy and I am so crazy about him. He's perfect to me and this article is for this feeling. Enjoy it.

So it began with this...He literally saved me. Like an angel. He's an angel I swear. My Angel.

love, couple, and hug image

I was lost. And I was alone so much. So He came and saved my life.

love, couple, and hug image

I will always be grateful for that. Thank You My Amazing Angel. You make me happy in every moment.

couple, love, and kiss image

When you kiss me my lips are boil.

couple, kiss, and love image

When you touch me, my body shakes.

love, kiss, and couple image

So would this be love? Because if it is, better than I thought...

love, him, and smile image

PS: If my english was bad somewhere, sorry for it, i'm not the best. I just learn this language. :)