A few days ago, someone asked me, "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?"

I only shrugged. It's one of the most common questions asked and I just simply dismissed it. A few minutes and crestfallen feelings ago, the question popped back in my mind.

Although it would be mind-blowing and surreal to have super strength, to read minds or to fly... if I could have any superpower in the world, it would be to teleport.

Just imagine. Travelling to Greece or to Paris or to the most well-known art museum within the blink of an eye. Just imagine being somewhere else and escaping the toxic reality. How ideal would that be? Extremely.

One of my life goals is to hug an elephant. LISTEN!! I can do that!! If only I had the ability to teleport... Ugh, I adore elephants. Also, visiting brilliant, vintage libraries and museums all around the world have always been a dream of mine. With the ability to teleport, I can do all of that whenever I will it to happen. Just thinking about all of the astonishing things I can accomplish make my heart flutter and fill my stomach with excitement.

Amongst everything that I want to fulfill... teleporting to someone you long for, to the person who can make your hurting heart alright with the sight of their smile, the comfort of their existence... would be absolutely perfect. I miss people so easily... an immensely disadvantageous trait of mine. Being with the one I miss within a quick second, even if we're hundreds of thousands of miles away from each other, is the superior reason why I want to be able to teleport.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with any more of my blabber haha. Though I very much enjoyed your company, thank you for listening to me :) Before you go, I have one question for you and I have no doubt you've already guessed as to what it is.

❦ If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why? ❦

Write an article if you would like to! I'd love to read it <3


❦ -kris. ❦