My favourite beauty queens from the 50's-60's era.

1. Marilyn Monroe

50s Marilyn Monroe beauty 50s

2. Audrey Hepburn

audrey 50s audrey audrey hepburn

3. Brigitte Bardot

brigitte bardot 60s vintage beauty

4. Sharon Tate

60s sharon tate black and white 60s

5. Grace Kelly

Superthumb grace kelly grace Superthumb

6. Claudia Cardinale

beautiful Superthumb claudia cardinale actress

7. Twiggy

60s twiggy 60s hype

8. Judy Garland

beautiful judy garland beautiful beautiful

9. Prescilla Presley

priscilla presley 60s black and white Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review

10. Rita Hayworth

rita hayworth redhead Gilda Superthumb