Hello guys!
Here's some pictures in the same color theme, to represent what your future will bring.
I have another one like this, as well as some bucket lists and other stuff. Check it out!

flowers couple Superthumb aesthetic
dark green

- very loyal boyfriend
- lives next to a big park
- loves swimming
- buys a lot of flowers
- enjoys nature

aesthetic aesthetic accessories blue
light blue

- kind of poor but doesn't spend much money either
- goes thrift shopping
- lives in a very quiet neighbourhood
- lives alone
- independent
- house is really white

book city aesthetic city
dark blue

- goes to coffee shops alone
- lives in a big city
- has a lot of friends but not a friend group
- owns a lot of vintage clothes but doesn't wear them
- friends with their neighbours
- sick a lot

Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review car aesthetic building
light pink

- lives in a big city in USA
- likes to feel glamorous
- makes some money on acting
- lives for vintage cars but doesn't know how to drive
- works at a makeup counter
- few, but close friends

bag Superthumb aesthetic Superthumb
turquoise / pink

- got rich of designing
- eats at fancy places
- shops a lot
- a little depressed
- good at making food
- has kids

balcony aesthetic aesthetic Temporarily removed This image was flagged for review

- lives in an old block
- lives for vintage stuff
- lives with firends
- has a goldfish
- makes money of art
- still poor tho
- really nice boyfriend/girlfriend

aesthetic Superthumb bacon autumn

- very confident about body
- lives in a small town
- has friends they would die for
- owns a coffee shop that is going really well
- makes good breakfast
- bad luck in love

aesthetic Superthumb aesthetic Superthumb
white / green

- lives in a average sized apartment in an average sized town
- lives next to a park
- REALLY close to their best friend
- works at a coffee shop
- buys single roses for herself
- likes rose wine

aesthetic airplane indie aesthetic
light pink / peachy

- has a lot of money but spends it on travelling
- likes buying gifts
- lives in a tiny apartment
- loves ice cream
- expresses herself trough clothes

delicious aesthetic beauty flowers
white / pink

- has a blog
- loves flowers
- dresses basic but really nice
- gets paid to try new food
- married
- friends are almost identical to her