Hello all!

I'm Anli I'm a modern young adult, and as you can probably imagine, social media is a pretty big part of my life. However, a problem I've been experiencing lately is that of seasons. Since I'm from South Africa (hence my english not being the best* ) it means that I am situated in the Southern Hemisphere (obviously). But, this also means that while most of the lifestyle and beauty guru's, that I follow, are getting out there sweaters and hot chocolate,I'm packing mine away. Now you are probably thinking what the problem is, I mean it's all natural, seasons change as the year goes by, nothing wrong there. Except, I have found myself waking up in the mornings and hating the weather, regardless of what it is. When it is Summer here I find myself wishing that I could also see a snowy Christmas and visa versa with winter. This spring (or fall for my Northern friends) is no exception. In fact, this season in particular I found myself craving a pumpkin spice latte more than ever. And since traveling isn't really an option for me (because I'm not a freaking millionaire and time is non-existent ). I am pretty much stuck in my home country and well with this warm weather. So instead of moping around and wishing I had a reason to wear a fluffy jumper I decided that I'm actually going to embrace this warm weather while it lasts. Bring on the floral prints, jean shorts and cocktails ,because I'm ready for long relaxing days next to a pool and picnics in the park. Of course I'm still excited for vlogmas and I know I will have days where I will be jealous but then I will (hopefully) remember that I can just put my phone away and go drink a smoothie and eat some wonderful seasonal fruit! Because in the end life is what you make of it and remember that what comes around goes around.

LOL (lost of love)
Anli x.

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I don't know how to end this.

*and me having to look up the meaning of 'hence' to make sure I'm using it correctly