This is an update to my "seven steps to a lazy sunday" article. This now contains a laziness plan that will keep you good and lazy all weekend long :)

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Step 1

Don't get out of bed unless the house is on fire. if the house is on fire, do get out of bed.... If someone wants you out of bed, try "morning denial" just put your hands over your face and say "nah"

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Step 2

bed sunbathing. it works. try it. Also, sleep is always #1 on a lazy girls list. Don't let yourself be distracted. Execute priority #1 whenever possible. Sleeeeeeep.....

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Step 3

prepare to arise. pants are not necessary today. Pants interfere with the lazy girl's agenda. Remember, pants are like leg jail! You must free yourself from the menace of pants if you are seeking true laziness

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Step 4

its breakfast time girl. that means avocado on toast, yum! Avocado is food of the gods. amiright???

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Step 5

call your bff over for coffee... Yay coffee! Now on the subject of bffs, remember, two can be lazier than one. Together you can procrastinate much more actively and you can also team up on laziness through chatterbox chit chats and other completely lazy pursuits.

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step 6

lots of hearts on WHI :) Ahhh, now WHI is a great way to enjoy a lazy day :) and every time you heart something, you are just spreading the love around. now what could be better than that???

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Step 7

After a gossipy chit chat over coffee with darling bff, and some time playing with WHI, settle down for an afternoon nap. why not several lazy naps? enjoy the whole weekend and have naps frequently, you deserve it! Sometimes a girl needs a little lazy time :)