Fall came. And colder weather with it. But don't worry, we will not lose a good mood ☺. We can find even more inspire in this season. And we can't forget about music. Here we have a playlist with almost every kind of music. Modern. Pop. Dance. Epic. Or French ♥.
1, Ansel Elgort - All I Think About You
( I found it two days ago. And I was really surprised how Ansel sings.)
2, Halsey - Now or Never
3, Amir - J'ai Cherche
4, The Afters - Light Up The Sky
5, The Fray - Love Don't Die
6, Athlete - Wires
7, David Bowie - Changed
8, Coldplay - Yellow
9, Coldplay - Viva La Vida
10. Really Slow Motion - The Awakening
( Yeah, I picked it and I like it. Come on! Fall/Autumn is here. Starting again. New changes or new possibilities in our lives. Be positive, happy and ambitious. Stop thinking that you can't. YOU CAN DO THIS! )
I'm preparing a playlist of Russian songs. Don't worry, it won't be something crazy or cheap music. But from very good Russian artists. Example: Sergey Lazarev ☺. You will fall in love with them. Slowly and deeply ;).
Thank you for reading my first article.