In my opinion all of these Shows are amazing and worth watching. I love all of them and I'm sad some of them already ended but I know I will watch them again and again. These shows aren't just some shows to me, all of them are a part of my life and I know the characters are going to stay in my heart forever. These shows made me cry, laugh, think about life and most importantly they let me escape out of my world and enter theirs.

Teen Wolf

The Vampire Diaries

Pretty Little Liars



Grey's Anatomy

Gilmore Girls

13 Reasons Why

The Originals

The Fosters

Gossip Girl

Stranger Things

If you haven't already watched all of this shows I only can say that this ones are worth it and you should definitely go and check them out.
Let me know what your favourite shows are, if you have any questions about the recommended shows you can just ask me and go check out my other articles, they are about music and books.