am i really about to do the three days i missed in one day? you betcha

day 6: make a list of your favorite movies.

1. dead poet's society my favorite movie in the entire world. i just really love robin williams and that whole cast.

2. hook again with robin williams, but this movie holds such a special place in my heart, you have no idea. it's my mom's favorite movie and i remember watching it with her when i was little.

3. spider-man specifically tobey maguire spiderman. i just really love superheroes and how dorky peter parker is.

4. the great gatsby the newer one, duh. it's just very aesthetically pleasing.

5. the wizard of oz my favorite movies as a kid, got me into wicked which got me into broadway musicals. damn.

6, high school musical im not gonna explain this one they are just my favorites.

7. tangled again, just super catchy and amazing

8. princess and the frog watched this for the first time with my brother and it just reminds me of good memz

in no particular order (except for dead poet's society) these are my favorite movies :)